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Colonoscopy Costs, Risks, and Waiting Times in Singapore

What are the costs of getting a colonoscopy in Singapore

Many factors can influence the cost of colonoscopy. Colonoscopy for general screening purposes is usually kept more affordable. Diagnostic colonoscopy for the purposes of identifying specific conditions is slightly costlier.

With the addition of procedures like removing growths, taking biopsies, or other treatments performed using colonoscopy, the fees will increase due to increase complexity, histological examination ( by pathologist) and use of special instruments during the procedure.

Can I use Medisave for my colonoscopy?

Medisave may be used for a screening colonoscopy subject to the prevailing TOSP (Table of Surgical Procedures) withdrawal limit for colonoscopy procedures plus $1200-$1600 per day for any associated day surgeries.

Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 50 years old and above may use up to $1250 from their Medisave to pay for the procedure at all public healthcare institutions, approved private hospitals, and medical institutions.

I Have Insurance, can I use it for my colonoscopy

All 7 Integrated Shield Plan (IP) insurers in Singapore provide coverage of diagnostic endoscopies, including colonoscopies. For more information, please speak to our friendly clinic staff about using your insurance plan or Integrated Shield Plan.

Risks associated with colonoscopy in Singapore

A colonoscopy is a relatively safe procedure, but like most medical procedures there are some complications such as:

  • Adverse reactions to the sedative
  • Bleeding in the area where the tissue sample or polyp was taken
  • A perforation or tear in the wall of the colon or rectum

Your colorectal surgeon and care team should discuss these complications with you and make sure you’re well informed about the colonoscopy before you have it.

Current Waiting Times for Colonoscopy In Singapore

As of June 2022, the current estimated waiting time to get a colonoscopy are as follows:

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