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Dr Frances Lim

SAB accredited (Since 2010)



Dr. Frances Lim is a double board-certified general surgery and colorectal surgeon. She
received her Medical Doctor degree from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. She completed a General Surgery residency at the State University of New York in Syracuse New York, USA and then completed a fellowship in Colon and Rectal surgery at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., USA.

Throughout her distinguished career, Dr Lim has held numerous prominent positions including as a Senior Consultant to the National Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS) and to the Division of Colorectal Surgery at National University Health System (NUHS) Singapore.

Dr Lim has been the Program Director for the General Surgery Residency as well as the past Program Director for the Colorectal Surgery Fellowship Program at the NUHS in Singapore. In these roles, she worked closely with surgical residents to ensure quality physicians. She pushed her residents to think outside the box, take a holistic approach to the patient, and utilize evidence-based medicine. She stressed upon her residents the importance of a good bedside manner as well as listening, and talking, to the patient and their families.

An internationally known physician, Dr Lim has been a speaker on numerous gastroenterological procedures and patient management topics at conferences ranging from the Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia to the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. She is well published in countless peer-reviewed journals and has written chapters for medical textbooks. Always seeking to improve patient care she was awarded the A*Star BEP Grant for a disposable, self-administered haemorrhoidal therapy device where she was the Lead Clinical Co-Principal Investigator. This device is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is currently in the process of patent application around the world.

While Dr Lim is skilled in a wide range of Colorectal and general surgeries, her main interests lie in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colorectal Cancer. She respects patient preferences and takes the time to explain all medical options available to them so they can make the best decision for themselves. Utilizing evidence-based medicine, her approach to patient care is much appreciated by her patients and their families. As a skilled laparoscopic surgeon, she always attempts to utilize minimally invasive procedures on her patients whenever possible to shorten recovery time and improve patient outcomes.

Dr Lim also has a keen interest in promoting screening for colorectal cancer. She believes that through education and support, more will come forward for screening, and eventually, we will see this cancer dropping off the #1 list.

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