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Curasia Endoscopy Centre specializes in providing endoscopic procedures. Our services include but are not limited to gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy,rubber-band ligation and health screenings.

You can schedule an appointment by visiting our website at https://curasia.com/contact-us/ by leaving your contact details and our staff will contact you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can call us at our dedicated appointment line at 66791229 or 89075951 for assistance.

When scheduling an appointment, our staff will speak more with you to find out more about your condition and current situation after which a registration link will be sent to you. Please be prepared to provide your personal details, medical history, and any relevant insurance information. This ensures a smooth and efficient registration process.

Yes, we have convenient parking facilities available for patients and visitors. Our staff will guide you on parking options when you confirm your appointment.

Please bring a valid ID, your insurance card, and any relevant medical records or test results. Wear comfortable clothing, and if you have any specific requirements, inform our staff in advance.

Preparation instructions vary depending on the type of procedure. Detailed instructions will be provided to you when scheduling your appointment. It’s essential to follow these guidelines closely for a successful procedure.

Yes, we accept all Integrated Shield Plans and are able to provide assistance in claims. For more information please contact us at 66791229 or 89075951 so that we are able to furnish you with the right information and assistance.

Yes, you will be able to have a friend or family accompany you for the consultation appointment, however due to privacy our staff will check with you if it is ok to share sensitive medical information in their presence.

For the day of procedure we encourage patients to bring a family member or friend for support. However, due to limited space in the procedure area, we may limit the number of accompanying individuals.

Your procedure results will be discussed with you after the procedure, while certain laboratory tests may require additional wait-time for the results. Our staff will inform you of the expected duration and arrange a follow-up session accordingly.

Yes, for a basic gastroscopy you can use up to $650 while for a basic colonoscopy you can use up to $1250 from your Medisave to pay for the procedures. Any procedures with polypectomy performed will allow for a higher usage of Medisave. Please call in to our hotline so that our staff can explain more.

We do not require patients to pay a deposit for their procedure, but we do require patients to put their credit cards on hold. Please speak to our staff at 667912229 or 89075951 for more information and assistance.

For patients with Integrated Shield Plans or utilizing their Medisave, we will e-file the claims on your behalf to the CPF Board and your Insurers. For any other forms of insurance claims we are able to assist in filling up the necessary medical forms, if needed. Our team of staff are ready to assist you in your insurance claims at all times.

For the procedures, our patients are treated with the utmost care. Before the procedure begins, patients will be given intravenous sedation. This will ensure that they are sleeping through without awareness or feeling any discomfort of the procedure. The sedation typically wears off within 30 mins after the procedure ends and patients will be awake at this point.

A gastroscopy can take around 15 minutes while a colonoscopy can take around 15 – 30 minutes. For both procedures done within the same setting it can take around 30 – 45 minutes.

The decision between an endoscopic procedure and a scan depends on the specific medical condition and the information needed for diagnosis. Generally, scans such as CT scans or ultrasounds are non-invasive and provide valuable images of internal structures. Endoscopic procedures involve inserting a flexible tube with a camera into the body to directly visualize and assess certain areas. Do contact us at 66791229 or 89075951 to set up a consultation appointment.

Yes both procedures can be done within the same setting, however whether patients require both procedures will be determined through a consultation to understand the patient’s current health condition and symptoms. Please find out more by contacting us.

For a gastroscopy, patients are required to fast at least 8 hrs before. For a colonoscopy patients are required to go on a low fiber diet 3 days before the procedure and undergo bowel preparation before the procedure itself.

Yes, for Curasia Endoscopy Centre we are able to refer you to the Public/Restructured Hospital of your choice, as long as you are a CHAS cardholder.

We do not encourage our patients to have a consultation and procedure on the same day as preparation is needed for most endoscopic procedures especially a colonoscopy.

No you do not have to, the transportation provided by Curasia Endoscopy Centre is a complimentary service extended to our patients. We understand that traveling to and from for your procedure can be tiring, so let us take care of the cost of your transportation.

Curasia Endoscopy Centre and Curasia Endoscopy Centre Orchard are both licensed under the Health Care Services Act under the Ministry of Health Singapore. While all Doctors are registered under the statutory board of the Singapore Medical Council and all Nurses are under the regulatory authority of the Singapore Nursing Board.

Countless patients have passed through our doors and have left us with reviews that you can see more here at https://g.page/r/CROlxAX-kNdbEB0/review

Consultation with our doctor will take about 30 minutes. Our staff will go through with you the necessary documents needed after consultation.

Transportation is only provided on the day of procedure as patient safety is of our utmost concern, we cater for transportation to prevent any instances of self-driving to our centres.

Yes, our Specialists are under the various insurance panels, do let our Staff which Insurance Company your Integrated Shield Plan is under and our staff will let you know which Specialists are under the respective Panel.

If you have a referral/memo from your Primary Care Doctor do inform us, a consultation before the procedure is still needed. For those without, our Doctors and Specialists are able to see you for a consultation to find out more about your current health condition and medical history.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex for credit cards. While for cash we do accept Paynow and Bank Transfers.

Yes. Our staff will submit a pre-authorisation to Shield Plan, upon approval patients will be able to know the exact percentage of coverage their plan covers, how much Medisave and/or cash is needed to cover the remaining costs.

Introducing Curasia Endoscopy Centre

Our host, Jerald Foo, will be taking you to our first centre at Jurong East.

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