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Patient Testimonial – Large Polyp Found in Colon

picture of a polyp found in a patient

Jason was 27 years old when a large polyp was found in his colon.

It was a normal working day when he noticed there was blood in his stools. Thinking that it was nothing serious and having no other symptoms, he decided to just wait it out.

However, the problem did not go away.

After having blood in his stools for a couple of weeks, he decided to proceed for endoscopic evaluation with Curasia Endoscopy Centre.

On the same day of the consultation, he was able to get a scope arranged for the same week and have his insurance Letter of Guarantee (LOG)/Medisave approved.

During the 30-minute scope, our specialist found a 20mm polyp, which was immediately removed during the same procedure, as colon cancers evolve from colonic polyps.

Thankfully, the histology results showed that Jason did not have cancer, and the polyp was removed in a timely manner.

If enough colonoscopies can be done for our community, colon cancer would no longer be the bane it is today.

In Singapore, approximately 1,200 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed each year, making it the most common cancer here. 
It is often a silent disease, developing with no symptoms at all.
Despite being a very common cancer, colorectal cancer is also one of the most preventable ones.
Colon cancer screening, ideally a colonoscopy, is an effective tool for colon cancer prevention and early detection.
Behind the scenes of Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy

All media used with consent of patients.

Introducing Curasia Endoscopy Centre

Our host, Jerald Foo, will be taking you to our first centre at Jurong East.

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