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The True Cost of Delaying a Colonoscopy: Health and Financial Implications

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Colonoscopy is a critical procedure for detecting colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal conditions. Delaying a colonoscopy can have significant health and financial repercussions. This article explores the implications of postponing this essential screening. We will discuss the health risks, potential cost increases, and how to manage expenses using Medisave.

The Importance of Colonoscopy

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Colonoscopy is the most effective method for detecting colorectal cancer at an early stage. Early detection is crucial because it significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and can prevent cancer from progressing to more advanced stages. The procedure involves examining the colon and rectum using a flexible tube with a camera, allowing doctors to identify and remove polyps before they turn cancerous.

Preventive Measure

Colonoscopy not only detects cancer but also acts as a preventive measure. During the procedure, doctors can remove polyps and abnormal growths that could develop into cancer if left untreated. This dual function of diagnosis and prevention makes colonoscopy an invaluable tool in maintaining gastrointestinal health.

Health Implications of Delaying a Colonoscopy

Increased Risk of Advanced Cancer

One of the most severe health risks of delaying a colonoscopy is the increased likelihood of detecting cancer at a later, more advanced stage. Early-stage colorectal cancer often has no symptoms, which means it can go unnoticed without screening. By the time symptoms appear, the cancer may have progressed significantly, reducing the chances of successful treatment and survival.

Complications from Untreated Conditions

Besides cancer, colonoscopy can detect other gastrointestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, and ulcers. Delaying the procedure can lead to complications from these untreated conditions, resulting in more severe health problems and more complex treatments later on.

Financial Implications of Delaying a Colonoscopy

Higher Treatment Costs

The cost of treating advanced colorectal cancer is significantly higher than treating early-stage cancer or removing polyps. Advanced cancer treatments often involve surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, which can be both physically taxing and financially burdensome. In contrast, early detection and polyp removal are less invasive and more cost-effective.

Increased Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Delaying a colonoscopy can lead to increased out-of-pocket expenses for patients. While the initial colonoscopy cost in Singapore may seem high, it is relatively low compared to the cumulative costs of treating advanced cancer. Patients may face higher medical bills, including hospital stays, medication, and follow-up treatments, which can strain financial resources.

Impact on Productivity and Income

Advanced cancer treatment often requires extensive time off work for medical appointments, treatment sessions, and recovery. This can lead to a significant loss of income, especially for those without adequate sick leave or disability insurance. Early detection through timely colonoscopy screening can help maintain productivity and reduce the financial impact of missed work.

Using Medisave to Manage Colonoscopy Costs

What is Medisave?

Medisave is a national medical savings scheme in Singapore, part of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system. It allows Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to set aside a portion of their income to cover future medical expenses. Medisave can be used for hospitalization, day surgery, and certain outpatient treatments, including colonoscopy.

Process for Claiming Medisave

  1. Consultation and Diagnosis: Visit a healthcare provider who will recommend a colonoscopy based on your medical history and symptoms.
  2. Medisave Authorisation Form: Complete the Medisave Authorisation Form (MAF) provided by your healthcare provider, which allows them to deduct the procedure cost from your Medisave account.
  3. Submission and Approval: The healthcare provider submits the MAF to the CPF Board for processing. Once approved, the cost is deducted from your Medisave account and paid directly to the healthcare provider.

Benefits of Using Medisave

Using Medisave to cover colonoscopy costs provides several benefits:

  • Financial Relief: Reduces out-of-pocket expenses and spreads the cost over time through regular CPF contributions.
  • Accessibility: Ensures that financial concerns do not prevent individuals from undergoing necessary medical procedures.
  • Peace of Mind: Provides reassurance that funds are available for essential healthcare needs, allowing patients to focus on their health and recovery.


Delaying a colonoscopy can have serious health and financial implications. Early detection and prevention through timely colonoscopy screening are crucial for maintaining gastrointestinal health and reducing the risk of advanced colorectal cancer. 

The initial colonoscopy cost in Singapore may seem high, but it is a worthwhile investment compared to the potential costs and complications of delayed diagnosis.

Using Medisave to manage these expenses offers significant financial relief, making it easier for individuals to undergo necessary screenings without undue financial strain. By understanding the importance of timely colonoscopy and leveraging Medisave, individuals can take proactive steps to protect their health and financial well-being.

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